Love this look? Here's exactly how to get it with SheaMoisture. I love SheaMoisture because of their ethics. Their products are made with ethically traded ingredients and are sustainably produced. They're also never tasted on animals. I love that they also include lots of beautiful colors that work well with darker skin tones. I can't tell you how hard it is to find makeup products that don't look ashy or too red on my skin. 

1) Apply SheaMoisture CC Cream in Deep all over face using foundation brush. 
2) Apply SheaMoisture Illuminating Powder in Mandalay Dusk where the sun naturally hits the face (cheek bones, nose, and forehead). 

3) Apply SheaMoisture Wet/Dry Eye Shadow in Montana on entire lid using shadow brush. 
4) Lightly apply SheaMoisture Wet/Dry Eye Shadow in Claudia in crease of lid only, and blend to soften. 
5) Apply SheaMoisture Liquid Liner in Black in one thin line about the lash. 
6) Apply SheaMoisture Volumizing Mascara in Black. 

7) Apply SheaMoisture Lip/Cheek Balm in Bo-Kaap Peach to apples of cheeks and blend. 

8) Apply SheaMoisture Lip Exfoliator to lips to remove dry skin and soften. Gently wipe off excess. 
9) Apply SheaMoisture Lip Gloss in caroline to lips. 

Get all these products at or select Target stores. 

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I'm 5 months pregnant and my belly is streeeettccchhiiing. It's so beyond crazy that my body is able to expand this much. I've been searching for something to stop the stretch marks before they come and I've found Aura Cacia's Organic Cocoa Butter

I've been getting all sorts of advice about warding off stretch marks. I picked up Aura Cacia's Organic Cocoa at my local health shop after hearing lots of feedback about cocoa butter. The aim is to rub it on my tummy every day but it's actually been about every other day. This is pure cocoa butter in its solid form so we usually take a butter knife and scrape some off each time. When it makes contact with my skin, it slowly melts after a few seconds into a softer consistency which can be rubbed into my skin. We rub it all over my belly leaving a thin layer. So far, it's been great. I haven't seen any stretch marks even though I've gained about 25 lbs. I love that it's in its pure form. I also love that it's organic. I've become so conscious of everything that I put on and in my body. 

Below are some benefits of Aura Cacia's Organic Cocoa Butter:
It's tested and verified for purity. 
It's not tested on animals. 
It contains no synthetic ingredients. 
It's paraben and petroleum-free.

Aura Cacia's Organic Cocoa is great for softening and nurturing the skin and even better for warding off stretch marks. Click here to read more about it. 

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I had the pleasure of interviewing actress and singer Victoria Justice for Jetblue's Soar With Reading Program. Victoria was in NYC for a reading for children along with the NY Red Bulls and Mary Pope Osborne, the author of the Magic Treehouse series. I covered the event for Read more about the event and details of my interview here.

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Adam and I were in Philadelphia for his birthday and decided to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We were in luck because there was a Patrick Kelly exhibit called Runway of Love happening. I knew vaguely of Patrick Kelly before but never took a deeper look into his impact on fashion. Patrick Kelly is the first American and the first black designer to be voted into the prestigious Chambre Syndicale du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode, the French fashion industry association and standards organization. His style can best be described as playful glamour. His silhouettes were simple but striking. He LOVED buttons because his grandmother would often sew mismatched buttons on his clothes when the original ones popped off. He was greatly affected by the civil rights atmosphere in America at the time and often incorporated elements of this in his work. 
I was greatly inspired by his work. I was moved by how he maintained a fun attitude in his designs while making a social statement. Being an African American designer at that time must have been a challenge. 

Patrick Kelly succumbed to AIDS in 1990. 

His career lasted less than a decade but his impact was tremendous.

Many thanks to Marvel Universe Live! for our lovely trip to Philly.  

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 In the last few years, I've dedicated my clothing budget to pieces I really love and that I know I'm going to wear tons of time. That's the reason I invested in the Square 1 Dress from Study NY.

I love black clothing. Can't help it. I love that this dress is super versatile. You can wear it a couple different ways. There are buttons along 2 sides so you can get creative. I wore it as a halter dress because it's the summer and halters are the ideal summer wear. I love outfits that you can just throw on and accessorize and this dress is exactly that.

Click here to find out where you can get the Square 1 Dress.

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A couple of years ago, one of my besties went to South Africa and brought back this beautiful necklace for me. I instantly fell in love with it. The colors are vibrant and stunning. It's also super versatile so I wear it with dresses, jeans, you name it. I usually end up pairing it with black or white to let the colors have their moment. It's by far one of my favorite necklaces. I love having pieces in my jewelry collection that have personal meaning and that I can find tons of uses for. 

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During the summer months, it's super important to keep your skin hydrated. What better way to do that than with a product that's filled with all natural goodness. nyakio Hydrating Face Oil with Kola Nut is a light, non-greasy formula that works to invigorate and hydrate your skin for over 12 hours. It's made with Ginger Oil, Ximenia Oil, Chamomile Oil and Trichilia Oil.

I've long been a fan of anti-aging products. I started using them in my 20s and haven't stopped. They keep my pimples at bay. The nyakio Hydrating Face Oil with Kola Nut softens and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, leading to a more youthful appearance. It's ideal for the summer months, when you don't want to apply heavy moisturizer and still need to take care of your skin. 

For more information on nyakio Hydrating Face Oil with Kola Nut , click here.

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Leave it to my face to break out like a teenager during pregnancy. I dodged morning sickness so I figured I would dodge this, too. Not a chance. The breakouts have been dependable and consistent. I decided to try Alba Botanica's Good & Healthy Anti-Oil Weightless Moisture Lotion to deal with the problem. I wanted something that would be healthy for my skin but get the job done.

Alba Botanica's Good & Healthy Anti-Oil Weightless Moisture Lotion is referred to as a smoothie for the skin. It's packed with Lutein, tons of vitamins and other phytonutrients from Kale, Spinach and Swiss Chard. So it is quite literally a smoothie for your face. I have super oily skin and this lotion left it matte and clean to the touch. No oil slick here! I love that it contains non of the icky stuff like Parabens, Phthalates, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Myreth Sulfate. It's also 100% Vegetarian. The first ingredient is also water, which is a good sign.

I love that my skin no longer feels like a crater. That's been pleasant. Alba Botanica's Good & Healthy Anti-Oil Weightless Moisture Lotion has been keeping it clean, refreshed, hydrated and, best of all, pimple-free!

Click here to read more about Alba Botanica's Good & Healthy Anti-Oil Weightless Moisture Lotion.

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Over the summer, sunglasses become a necessary part of my wardrobe. All I wear are aviators. Aviators are super versatile and they look great on mostly every face. Warby Parker's Into The Gloss collaboration features a pair that I am dying over. Vogue alum Emily Weiss and Nick Axelrod collaborated with Warby Parker to design two pairs of aviators in premium Japanese titanium. I'm loving the sun option. The partnership took a year of designing and testing glasses to come up with glasses that you are going to love. Great aviators are comfortable, first and foremost. They should fit effortlessly on your face. They should also be light in weight. People who don aviators want no-fuss sun protection that looks good. These Warby Parker glasses are just the right pair.

Click here for more information on the Warby Parker Into the Gloss Collaboration and to snag your pair. 

I started off at 105 lbs and am now 129 lbs. For someone who has been small my entire life, it was a bit of an adjustment at the beginning dressing my new body. Nothing fitted around my waist and forget about jeans. I couldn't get any of my old pairs over my thighs. 
I've started having a bit more fun dressing, now. I've found quite a few items in my wardrobe that have been doing double-duty for maternity. This dress is a great example. It just expanded to fit my belly and is still super comfortable. G-d bless stretchy clothes.

Necklace: Jora (Etsy)
Bangle: bought at Bhoomki

I'm preggos! This is my first pregnancy and there were lots of surprises. At first, though, it was a bit intense. I've known so many pregnant women and each woman's experience is different. But there are some things I wish I knew before this started. Here are 5 of them:

1) The tiredness in the first trimester is like no other exhaustion. I really enjoy working and often work crazy hours. Tiredness is not a big deal for me. For the first trimester, though, it was a new type of tiredness. My body was completely worn out. I felt like I had no energy to do anything. I remember being on the train and being on the verge of tears because I had to stand. My body just felt done ALL THE TIME. When I started reading the books, I realized this is actually the norm and it's so much better in the second trimester. 

2) Eating for two is no joke. The books say you're actually eating for one and half. Screw that shit. My body was demanding about 5 full meals a day and I would get gripping tummy pains if I didn't listen right away. My appetite increased before I found out I was pregnant so it seemed like I was just ravenously hungry for no reason. During Passover, we were going to Connecticut for the night and Adam made me a big bowl of potatoes in the morning because the thought of not having potatoes readily at hand was catastrophic. It was not pleasant.

3) My mind went a bit cray cray. Now that I'm in the second trimester, everything has settled down, including my mind. At the beginning, I was consumed with constant worry. Were the bumps on the bus going to hurt my baby? If I ate spicy food, would it hurt my baby? How am I going to find time to be a super mom? How much money does it take to raise a child (thanks, Google)? Should I get another job? If I'm breastfeeding every 2 hours, when will I find time to binge-watch the next season of Orange Is The New Black? The worry was constant and all I could do was talk about it. My sister is one of those super moms that makes it look really easy so she assured me that it all works out. It just kind of does. You start off with the best of intentions and you try your best and that's all you can do

4) I didn't realize that my body would be a vessel and I would no longer have much control. From the beginning, my body was just making demands. Eat lots of potatoes. Eat peeled and horizontally sliced oranges twice a day. Drink hot chocolate in the morning instead of tea (this was hard). Drink lots of water. My body was in complete control and I just followed along and fulfilled its demands. Usually, I was in control. I would skip breakfast, eat a fast lunch and have dinner with Adam. Now, my life revolved around my next feeding and there wasn't anything I could do about it. I now know that the baby is growing the most in the first few weeks and that my cravings were actually for things my body needed to nourish the baby. 

5) I didn't realize that it's possible to fall in love with someone I've never seen. I became attached pretty early on. It's hard not to. There is hardly a moment when I forget I am pregnant and I feel such love for this little person inside of me. It's such an intimate experience so grow a child inside of you. I must admit I fought the attachment a bit. I tried to tell myself that anything can happen. Babies are miracles. It's really a wonder we have so many in this world. But I couldn't help it. We gave the baby a pet name. My life's purpose is suddenly first and foremost defined by the effect it would have on my body and the baby. This was no love at first sight. This is love at no sight. 

Thankfully, everything has subsided and I've super relieved. My energy is back and I'm back to bouncing all over the city. My appetite and I are working with each other. I finally have some boobs to call home about. I'm really enjoying the party. AND I heard it stays like this for a few months so excuse me while I go enjoy the golden trimester. 

I love my curls. Sometimes, though, I really am not up to combing it. The easiest solution is to hide it all under a scarf or a turban. I tried two types of turbans and loved both.

One is a simple scarf that I wrapped around my head once. I tied it in a knot at the base of my head and left the ends out in the back.

For the other style, I used a jersey scarf in a bold color and pulled all the fabric to the top of my head. I twirled it in a bun and secured it with a hair tie. 

Turbans are a great way to hide a bad hair day. It's also fun to just try something different. 

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